For Project 2019 Chapters

Below are a few examples of Project 2019 Programs and Events that are available to Project 2019 Chapters. Note that the Programs and Events are described and discussed based on standard or typical approaches that can be taken. Programs and Events can be tailored by a Chapter to ensure the best chance of the Program or Event being successful.

Click Here: "GRADE INCENTIVE PROGRAM" --- For Information Regarding Project 2019 Grade Incentive Programs.

Click Here: "BLACK-TO-SCHOOL FEST" --- For Information Regarding Project 2019 Annual "Black-To-School" Festivals.

Click Here: "TUTORING & MENTORING PROGRAMS" --- For Information Regarding Tutoring And Mentoring Programs.

Click Here: "COUNTDOWN TO 2019 NEW YEARS EVE PARTY" --- For Information Regarding Annual "Countdown To 2019" New Years Eve Celebrations.

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