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What Is Project 2019? (A Brief Explanation)

Project 2019 Synopsis

What Is Project 2019? (Answers To Frequently Asked Questions)

Ten Fundamental Truths About Project 2019 (What Black Leaders Are Not Telling Black Americans)

"Why" Project 2019? ( 7 Reason Why Only Project 2019 Can Save Black America )

Why Project 2019 Will NOT Work ( Excuses, Objections, And Rationales )

Articles / Addresses By Charles E. Sanford

President Obama Can NOT Save Black America
(Keynote Address: The 2009 "Project 2019 Annual Conference")

Why Black Folks Eat "Chitlins" In 2009...
(Black History Month -- February, 2009)

President Obama Is Not "Mission Accomplished" For Black America
(January 20, 2009)

I Am Not Bill Cosby
(Keynote Address: The 2008 "Project 2019 Annual Conference")

Mileka - We're Going To Be All Right
(Keynote Address: The 2007 "Project 2019 Annual Conference")

It's Time For A Revolution
(Keynote Address: The 2006 "Project 2019 Annual Conference")

The Founders Of Project 2019
(Keynote Address: The 2005 "Project 2019 Annual Conference")

Reparations: An Even Louder Message From White America
(Ramifications of the 2004 Presidential Election)

What You Need To Know, Why You Should Care, What You Should Do (Keynote Address: The 2004 "Project 2019 Annual Conference")

On A Mission (Keynote Address: The 2003 "Project 2019 Annual Conference")

Recognizing "Slavery"
As A Proper Noun

Does Race Matter? (Printed in Chicago Tribune, "Voice of the People," Feb. 1, 2003)

Leaders, Doers And Visionaries
(Keynote Address: The 2002 "Project 2019 Annual Conference")

A Legacy Of The Attack On America

The Death Of Timothy McVeigh

Legacies (Our Black Heritage) (Keynote Address: The 2001 "Project 2019 Annual Conference")

Black America's Next Step (Printed in Chicago Tribune, "Voice of the People," Feb. 19, 2001)

My Criticism Of Jesse Jackson

The Story Of The "Black Mayflower"

The 2000 Presidential Election: A Message From White America

Racism In The 21st Century

Reparations For Slavery

What Jesse Is Not Telling Black America

Blacks Right To Vote: The Untold Story

Vision, Resolve, and Unity (Keynote Address: Tenth Anniversary Black Leadership Conference, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL)

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Education and knowledge is the "gateway" that will lead to the solutions to all the problems that afflict black America.

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